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Hi Jeanna!


I am so happy to learn that you've opened your new practice. There is something so right about this, I can only believe you will do well.

In Spring of 2010, when I first came your way, I was about four months post-op from my surgery, a fairly extensive shoulder reconstruction after a mountain bike crash. I was down because of my slow recovery and my high pain levels while doing the PT exercises from a prior referral.

I knew right away I was lucky to have you as my case manager and primary therapist, because in less than two weeks I had become essentially pain free during exercise. I think it was the combination of soft-tissue work and more gentle exercise using small weights that helped so much. Your calm professional demeanor gave me confidence--I got used to making progress and actually looked forward to PT!

I should share another valuable thing I got from you. You encouraged me to think of my PT as something to continue throughout life, rather than something to drop when I was "well." I have continued it; I go to the gym three or four mornings a week for cardio and weght work and hope to do so from now on. My shoulder is at about 95% in range of motion, and stronger than it was before the accident. I'm very happy with my recovery; my surgeon is all but incredulous.

If it helps to get the word out to the docs, don't hesitate to pass this letter along. I would recommend you and your care to anyone. Thank you so much.


My very best wishes,




To whom it may Concern, 


 I came to East Side Physical Therapy for lower back pain and spasms.

Jeanna focuses on finding the problem instead of providing a temporary fix. She gives excellent exercises and advice. I have always been told I have been the tensest person they have met, but with the one hour massage, PT and exercise I have improved so much! They all take pride in what they do. They are the best I have gone to. I am from Mitchell, SD; we don’t have anything like this. 


Thank you East Side Physical therapy


Bonnie B.



Competent and caring are appropriate adjectives used to describe Physical Therapist (PT) Jeanna

Duryee. I'm extremely fortunate to cross paths with Jeanna at a painful period in my life and, am glad I took advantage of her PT skills. I recommend East Side Physical Therapy to family members and friends because I received top-notch professional care and treatment from the clinic staff. 


After rotator cuff surgery in March 2012, my recovery process included several months of treatments to regain utility of my arm and shoulder. I had no experience with a PT on a long-term basis before that surgery. Like most people in my situation, I spoke with anyone and everyone I knew (or knew of) who had joint surgeries and required therapy. I wanted to get the name of a qualified and skilled PT and learn as much as I could about physical therapy processes; I wanted to know what to expect.


The type of feedback I received from those I spoke with was; "all PTs are the same...they will inflict pain on you in the process of conducting therapeutic exercises", "physical therapy will pain, go gain", and "good PTs haven't been born yet or, they don't practice in Anchorage, AK". With these kinds of responses, I had to conduct my own search for a hometown PT.


The first time I walked into East Side Physical Therapy, I felt at ease and comfortable meeting with 

Jeanna and her staff. Almost immediately I sensed legitimate concern for my personal well being from a qualified professional. I was happy when Jeanna, Dawna, Kit, Nicki, and Michael added me to their patient list. 


The excellent physical therapy treatment and care I received at East Side Physical Therapy clinic has

enabled me to resume lifting, golfing, biking, hiking, and jogging activities. Taking nothing away from my surgeon and his skills, I credit my PT with helping me to resume a pre-surgery lifestyle, without pain and suffering. 


Bottom line: I recommend East Side Physical Therapy Clinic to anyone requiring the skills of a 

competent, capable, and qualified physical therapist. Jeanna Duryee is a professional Physical Therapist capable of achieving positive desired results without hurting her patients...gain without pain is possible! 


This process (rotator cuff surgery and recovery) has taught me a lot. While I've learned things about

mechanics of the human body, I've become well educated on the benefits of good physical therapy

support. Finally, there is a good PT practicing in Anchorage, AK...her name is Jeanna Duryee at East Side Physical Therapy. 


Jack S

Text Testimonials Below



I want to make you aware of how grateful I am that you opened Eastside Physical Therapy.  As you know, before becoming your client I received PT and pain management from numerous PT clinics. Treatment ranged from PT to acupuncture to injections and surgery.  The end result was always the same- only temporary or reduced relief from pain.

You have changed that and given a productive life back to me. I had given up hope that I would ever feel as well as I do now.  You are a warm, caring, conscientious and very intelligent.  You always make me feel important and I know that my getting better matters to you.

I will always be grateful for all you have done for me and will never hesitate in recommending you to anyone in need of PT services.  Thank you so much.



Shirley F.


“I received rotator cuff surgical repair in the fall of 2010. I was referred by my surgeon to a physical therapy clinic where I regularly was seen by Jeanna. At first my shoulder was very achy, sore and painful. Jeanna helped me through these very uncomfortable weeks of post operation with massage therapy. This provided a great amount of pain relief and I never missed an appointment! As my recovery progressed, Jeanna struck a very comfortable balance with me between massage therapy and passive range of motion exercise. As I continued to heal she has added more range of motion techniques, which greatly reduce pain in my shoulder. I am almost five months post-surgery and I am basically pain free in my shoulder for the first time in years.

Thank you Jeanna for your part in my recovery.”

Sincerely, Jon Cason

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